Gates Four Homeowners: View Our Neighborhood Covenants

websize IMG_2368Gates Four residents are expected to abide by a set of restrictive covenants set forth by the developer and administered by the Homeowner’s Association. Each of these covenants has been put in place to maintain an inviting and amicable neighborhood.

Our neighborhood covenants apply to the following:

  • Utility buildings, sheds, and other types of outside buildings not connected to main dwelling
  • Hedges, fences, walls and other boundary structures
  • The parking and storing of recreational vehicles, boats, commercial vehicles, trailers, and abandoned vehicles
  • Driveway construction
  • Window air conditioning units
  • Television antennas and other exterior electronic or electrical equipment and devices
  • Garbage and trash burning; placement of garbage containers/receptacles
  • Animal control
  • Commercial signs placed in yards
  • Maintaining the posted speed limits
  • Children’s recreational equipment (i.e. swing sets, swimming pools, etc.)
  • Above-ground swimming pools

For more information, please explore the links below. Copies of our covenants are also available at our guardhouse.

Download Index to Restrictive Covenants
Download Restrictive Covenants
Download Bylaws